An Introduction


So this is my first blog post, exciting times ahead!

I thought I would start by introducing myself and telling you all a bit about myself 🙂

I have just finished my postgraduate course in Law after completing my Law degree in Bristol in 2014.

I first became interested in health and fitness last April after biting the bullet and signing up for a gym membership at my local gym. This was a big step for me as I had always hated sport at school and was always the one being picked last for teams!

After the first few weeks of forcing myself to go, I began to enjoy it and I also fell in love with zumba classes which I now do 4-5 times a week.

Coupled with this came the desire for me to improve what I ate and this led to me eating a lot healthier and also baking my own healthier versions of treats, which I would have normally ate without batting an eyelash (thank you to my boyfriend for buying me a lovely pink kitchen mixer to assist with this!

On this blog, I plan to feature a variety of posts related to health and fitness including healthy recipes, fitness class reviews, fitness trends and anything else I feel like adding along the way!

Till my next post!

Tammy Jayne. xxx


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