Recipe: Pasta with Homemade Walnut & Lemon Pesto and Peppers

I absoloutely love Italian food so rustled up this yummy pasta dish for dinner. I used my Nutribullets milling blade in order to make the pesto but this can be done with a food processor if you have one.

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This recipe will serve two people 🙂



> 25g walnut pieces

> 2 garlic cloves

> a handful of fresh parsley

> 4 tbsp olive oil

> zest of one lemon


> 1 small red onion

> 1 tbsp olive oil

> 140g wholewheat pasta

> 250g mixed pepper antipasto (drained)

> 50g parmesan


Put the walnuts, garlic and lemon zest into the nutribullet until fully blended. Then add the parsley and oil and reblend.

Quarter and seperate the onion and heat olive oil in a frying pan (cook until they are nicely brown).

Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the packet.

Drain pasta and add the pesto, onions and peppers.

Stir well and then add the parmesan.



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